Welcome to UPEI’s University Prep Course!

This is a free, online, six week course designed for students and mentors beginning on April 29th, 2014.

The goal of the course is to expose you to skills, habits, and behaviours that will make the transition from high school to university easier. The course will allow students to evaluate current practices around scheduling, note-taking, writing skills, and study techniques. The course will also on the focus on your social well-being because spending time away from the books and with family, friends, and hobbies is important for student success. There will be discussions for mentors about students making their own decisions, dealing with the consequences of those decisions, and how the relationship between a mentor and the school changes as your student transitions to university.

Each week will feature a task that is designed to help you think about the differences between high school and university, and, in the end, students will complete a self evaluation based on the topics discussed each week.

It will be an interesting six weeks with lots of questions and, hopefully, a few answers.



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  1. Tint Tint on June 8, 2013 at 6:09 am says:

    I heard about this from one of youtube vedio, and found it very interesting. And plus, I’ve got a lot of problem most of the time when I am writing assignment, I am always stuck in the introduction and do not know how to write, so I guess this website would be very helpful for me.

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