3 What is a Syllabus?


In Chapter 3 we’ll talk about one notable difference between how courses work in most high schools and universities: the syllabus. At the start of each course, your professor will give you a collection of sheets, on which you can find everything that you need to know about the semester. The syllabus includes dates, books you’ll need, how much each assignment is worth, what your professor’s office hours are, etc. This becomes your guide to the course, and a tool that can be used to succeed at university.

What’s a syllabus?

The syllabus gets handed out on the first day of class and usually the prof will spend some time going over it. What makes a syllabus important enough to get that kind of attention?

What’s a tutorial?

In your syllabus, you’ll find the times and locations of any tutorials you have for your courses. Tutorials are like extra class time but for practicing what you’ve learned, clarification on things you don’t understand, or assessing what you know.

Experience U – What’s a Syllabus Discussion

Check out our discussion with a higher education thinker and author, finding out what a syllabus is and his advice on how to make the best use of one.


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