2 What is a Professor?


Welcome to Chapter 2, here we’ll be looking at professors. As a student, professors play an important role in your university experience. Here we’ll asking how you can contact your professors and get their advice for you.  A professor’s role at a university can be quite complicated, so we’ll try to familiarize you with some of their duties.  Hint: it goes beyond just teaching.

What’s a professor?

Professors are the people that will teach your lectures, they’ll give you assignments, and teach you new things. Here’s a look at what else a professor is.

How should I communicate with professors?

Professors do more than teach lectures and are often very busy with other courses, their research, and other things. So what’s the best way to get a hold of your prof?

Experience U – What’s a Professor Discussion

Check out our discussion with a university professor, finding out what he does and his advice for students in their first year.


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