1 What is a Student?


Welcome to Chapter 1 of the New Student Guidebook, here we’ll try to introduce you to the university experience. In this section you’ll learn about your role–that of a student–in the grand scheme of things. How do I get involved? What should I know before getting involved? How do I get over my first-day jitters? These are all question that we’ll try to answer in this chapter.

What’s a student?

From class and research to social life and working, here’s a look at what being a student is all about.

How do I start a student group on campus?

One big piece of being a student is participating in student groups, these groups can be about anything: the environment, politics, or even board games. Want to find out how to start your own?

What should I do when I visit a campus?

Everyone knows that first impressions are important, so when you visit a campus for the first time make sure you get a good sense of what your life on that campus might look like.

What is a Student Union?

There are student associations at every Canadian university, and can be a great way to get involved on campus. They look out for students rights, and provide lots of services.

Experience U – What is a Student Discussion

Take a look at a conversation between some of the brains behind Experience U, including three students with a combined 13 years of experience at universities. Topics include “The First Day”, orientation activities, and technology for students.


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