Appendix J: Three Things First Year Students Get Wrong


University is different from high school. Universities ask different types of questions, have classes with different sizes, and the days are differently structured. While high school can prepare you for university, they aren’t the same thing, and this can catch a lot of students off guard.

Memorizing facts and formulas isn’t how you get marks anymore.

Most profs aren’t interested in you telling them what they told you. They’re interested in using the skills and information you have to make innovative ideas and creative critiques.

Large class sizes distract and intimidate students.

If you’re going to be in a big class, it’s likely going to be a first year class. It’s still a class, so you still have to participate.Don’t be scared of asking questions. And try not getting caught up in conversations around you.

First years don’t connect with the university community.

First year can be a big transition, but don’t let it scare you. Try talking with classmates, higher year students, and meeting with your profs. Extra curriculars are a great way to meet people.


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