Appendix I: What to Pack in Your Backpack


So you’re going to campus for your first lecture and now it’s time to pack. You’ve got a reasonably sized backpack, but you’re not interested in becoming a human tractor trailer so let’s pack light.


Clipboards are light and are a great place to keep your notes short term. Binders are great for sorting notes for the long term. Go to class, take down notes during the lecture, and then rewrite them for your binder when you get back to your room.


When I was in school I was told two lies. The first lie was that I’d have to always write in cursive. The second lie was that I would always have to use a pen. At university, your notes are for your benefit. If you prefer to use a pen, but the pencil is still an option.
No matter which you choose it’s never a bad idea to have different colours available.

Your timetable

If you’re new to your campus having a timetable on hand may help you remember where your classes are. If you’ve got some spare time you can explore to find where your other lectures are.

Your student ID card

Your may need to show your student ID to access some of the services on campus. It never hurts to have your ID with you and if you’re living in residence it may also be your key to get back in your residence.

Music player and earbuds

If you’re the kind of person that likes to work with a bit of background noise, a music player might be an obvious choice. If you’re the kind of person that prefers quiet, having difficulty finding a quiet spot and don’t have earplugs, a pair of noise cancelling headphones can block some of the background noise.

Snacks and a water bottle

There’s nothing that ruins my work willpower like getting hungry. If you pack a snack, you can beat that hunger when it hits. And pack water bottle to keep you hydrated.
Your university will probably have a lot of places where you can get a snack, but having a snack on hand is way more convenient.

Don’t pack a jump drive, pack the cloud

“The cloud” means cloud storage, or storing things on the internet. A few years ago we would have probably told you to pack a USB flash drive. But don’t do that. Save yourself the trouble because if you use one, you’ll lose it.
Instead, use a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or even your email as a place for storing everything online. Even if you have your own laptop backing up with cloud storage can still save you a lot of stress.


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