Appendix H: Five Things to do To Save Your Student Money


Money can be tight for students. A lot of your time will be devoted to learning about chemistry or literature, and you might find it difficult to sort out your finances. Here are some things to do as early as possible while you’re a student. And be sure to note that you might have to do these every year that you are a student.

Get Student Bank Account Status

One of the first things that you should do when you start going to university is to visit your bank. Some banks have benefits for students, such as waived fees. There’s never any harm in asking if your bank offers these benefits to students.

Deal with Your Student Loans

Are you applying for a student loan? Have you received it? Have you applied for it? When it comes to student loans it is always better to be early. Filing late can result in headaches and late fees. Save yourself the trouble, get any loans sorted as fast as possible.

Check and Apply for Scholarships

What if we lived in a world where you were able to write a letter about how awesome you are, and in response, you could get lots of money?
As a student you live in this world. People are lined up to give you money! Check for scholarships and bursaries to help these people give you money!

Check for Student Discount Days

One thing that is almost as nice as getting money is not having to give it up. While there are benefits that your university will provide you for being a student, there are benefits that businesses and services will give you as well. It might be a discount on groceries, or savings on a cellphone plan. Don’t be afraid to ask around.

Consider a Student Credit Card

Your first credit card can often be a lesson in responsibility. Student credit cards often allow for you to apply without having a lot of income. Getting a small card limit will let you make small purchases without going overboard and it will give you some time to build a credit rating. Just try to make it good credit.



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